Ilim Nordic Timber celebrates its 20 years anniversary

On June 2nd, 2018, Ilim Timber Nordic in Wismar celebrated its 20 years anniversary. As part of Ilim Timber, the Wismar mill reached record levels of production and is among the largest taxpayers in the region.

More than 600 people attended the gala dinner, including employees of the company, their families and veterans. Among the honored guests were Boris Zingarevich, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Thomas Beyer, Mayor of Wismar, and Till Backhaus, Minister of Agriculture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

«There are many sawmills in the world, but Ilim Nordic Timber is one of a kind», said Alexander Sovetnikov, Ilim Timber CEO, at the opening ceremony. «This is a true mega plant. And for it to work successfully, you need a super team of super professionals — I’m talking about you who came to our celebration. You lead the industry. Both your customers and your competitors all over the world are looking up to you — with recognition and respect. I am proud to feel responsible for this and I am confident that together we will continue the traditions of vision, leadership and impact».

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