Ilim Timber sawmill in Bratsk: five million cubic meters of plywood and counting

In 2017, the Ilim Timber sawmill in Bratsk produced its five-millionth cubic meter of plywood. The mill has been continuously raising the bar in terms of yearly output which exceeded 208,000 cubic meters of finished products.

By the end of 2016, the production volume reached nearly 196,000 cubic meters of plywood, thus making an increase of 6%. Production volumes in Bratsk have been steadily on the rise in recent years, starting from 2012. The range of products, too, has widened considerably, with quality improvements after a series of technical upgrades. As a result, the reject rate was reduced by 30%.

«In 2017, a new Kikukawa trimming line was launched. We have completed the upgrade project for resin reactors and switched to using the SFZh-3014 resin. The unscheduled equipment downtime was reduced. We also increased the average plywood thickness. These changes led to improved performance» - said Dmitry Shutov, the Bratsk mill manager.

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