Training seminar on in-depth training for softwood plywood products for representatives of a regional dealer network was held in the last decade of April at the production site of the Bratsk Branch of Ilim Timber. About 27 plywood sales professionals from all regions of Russia attended the event, including representatives from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

The training program was held in classrooms, quality control laboratories in the production of plywood, and in the training center of the Ilim Group branch, where participants of the seminar could try themselves as a logging operator and a timber truck driver on a special simulator.

Our partners spent the whole shift on the plywood production and went through the entire technological cycle - from veneer peeling, to finished product packaging. They had the opportunity to execute specific operations on the production line, check the quality of products in the laboratory of the plant, as well as pack and mark the plywood for shipment.
Mr. Dmitry Shutov, General Director of the Bratsk Branch of Ilim Timber, handing diplomas to the participants of the seminar, noted that now they are familiar with the production culture at the plant, knows in depth the quality of plywood from Bratsk and its properties that are needed by consumers for various applications.

During cultural program in Bratsk, our partners had a chance to see Bratsk as a city known for large-scale construction projects, rich in labor traditions and preserving the spirit of pioneers. In the same time they will also remember Bratsk as a city with a unique, Russia's largest softwood plywood production.

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