Ilim Timber, Swiss-based international company, is one of the world's top sawn timber producers.

The company's production facilities are located in Eastern Siberia as well as in the northern and southern regions of Germany. The company has sales offices in Europe and China. Ilim Timber ranks top among the leaders of the global sawmill industry in terms of efficiency and production volumes.


230,000 cbm per year

Sawn timber

2,650,000 cbm per year


We are committed to making softwood lumber and plywood available to consumers all over the world.

Organisational structure

Organisational structure Ilim Timber


Alexander Sovetnikov

Alexander Sovetnikov

CEO Ilim Timber, Business Unit Russia

Alexander Sovetnikov became head of the company in 2011 after previously working as Director for Investments and Production for two years.

Until 2010 he was COO at Sveza (Moscow HQ), the world's largest manufacturer of birch plywood. Since 1979 he held leadership positions at aviation industry.

Alexander Sovetnikov graduated from the Kuibyshev Aviation University with a degree in Engineering.

Michael Liche

Michael Liche

CEO Ilim Timber, Business Unit Germany

Michael Liche became head of the companies Ilim Nordic Timber GmbH & Co.KG and Ilim Timber Bavaria GmbH (Ilim Timber Germany or Business Unit Germany) in 2019 after previously working as Chief Operating Officer and Head of Controlling.

He was working for 9 years at the company Beiersdorf AG before he joined Ilim Timber Germany (or Business Unit Germany) in 2012.

Michael Liche graduated from the Hamburger Fern-Hochschule in Business and Administration. 


Ilim Timber was established in 2007.


Ilim Nordic Timber’s output climbs above 1 million cbm of marketable products.

The Bratsk subsidiary launches the production of high-grade plywood from Siberian larch.


Tolleson Lumber (USA) plants are sold to the Canadian sawmilling company Interfor (

The Bratsk subsidiary starts up a sanding line and upgrades its plywood trimming facility.

Ilim Timber strengthens its global presence and, with products being sold in more than 70 countries, ramps up production volumes at all its sites.


A major capacity upgrade of Bratsk plywood mill in 2012 enabled to increase the output from 160,000 cbm to 230,000 cbm plywood per year. The mill employs the advanced technology of Raute, Valon Kone and Hashimoto to ensure high-quality products.


Ilim Timber acquires Tolleson Lumber (USA) plants in order to expand its business in the US market.

Ilim Timber is in the top 10 largest lumber producers with a volume over 2.5 million cbm per year.

Ilim Timber becomes largest sawn timber exporter to the Chinese market.


Ilim Timber acquires two large German plants from the Klausner Group (Mecklenburg and Bavaria).

Ilim Timber opens its office in Shanghai to boost the sales of lumber in China and Southeast Asia.


Ilim Timber holding is established.

Sales areas


of total

Austria Belgium United Kingdom Germany Greece Denmark Spain Italy Latvia Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Finland France Croatia Czech Republic Switzerland Sweden Estonia
Afghanistan Vietnam India Индонезия China Korea Nepal Pakistan Singapore Thailand Taiwan Philippines Japan
Russia Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan
Bahrain Georgia Israel Jordan Qatar Kuwait Lebanon United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia Turkey
Algeria Egypt Libya Morocco Namibia Tunisia Sudan South Africa
Brazil Canada Colombia Mexico Panama USA

Production sites

Ilim Timber subsidiary in Ust-Ilimsk


600,000 cbm per year

Ilim Timber Bavaria


800,000 cbm per year

Ilim Nordic Timber


1,200,000 cbm per year

Ilim Timber subsidiary in Bratsk


230,000 cbm per year

Ilim Timber Industry

22А, Sinopskaya Naberezhnaya,
St. Petersburg
191167 Russia +7(812) 332 7227 +7(812) 332 7375

Ilim Nordic Timber GmbH & Co.KG  

2, Am Haffeld,
23970 Germany +49(3841) 254 0 +49(3841) 254 100

Ilim Timber Bavaria GmbH

5, Franz-Kollmann-Str.
Landsberg am Lech
86899 Germany +49 (8191) 9471 0 +49 (8191) 9471 100

Shanghai Representative Office

168 Mid-Yincheng Rd, Pudong, Shanghai
200120, P.R.China +86 (21) 508 72280

Ilim Timber Continental SA

Rue du Marche 13,
PO BOX 3244
CH-1204 Geneve  Switzerland