Ilim Timber plywood mill in Bratsk launched a new product: Siberian larch face veneer plywood of I+ grade. This is a unique product of premium quality exclusively manufactured by the Ilim Timber mill in Russia. The company standard for the new product was registered in December 2018 with the authorized Center for Standardization and Metrology.

In comparison to grade I, the new product has more strict requiremens to front surface quality, as only max. 5 inserts selected per color and fiber direction per sheet are allowed. The new product is intended for use in the manufacture of furniture, interior elements and decor. It combines the strength and moisture resistance of standard coniferous plywood with the unique texture of veneer made of Siberian larch. The new product has been presented to Ilim Timbers distributors and sales partners for market promotion.

A serial production of I+ plywood became possible after an extensive upgrade of the production facilities followed by an increase in plywood output at the Bratsk mill. Ensuring the optimized log supply to the mill enabled Ilim Timber to start Siberian larch face veneer plywood of I+ grade on an industrial scale.

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